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  • =Name Channel : Zoom Channel tv

    Zoom Channel tv
    Zoom Channel tv
  • =keyword Google search : Zoom Channel tv
  • =Description : After a glorious 150 years in print and a niche in reporting and publishing, when the Times Of India group decided to make a debut on the small screen, everyone knew it would have to be a grand affair with spark and sizzle, glamour, glitz and gumption. And so, the first TV channel of the group – zoOm was born – from films, fashion, style and attitude, with a clear message – when it comes to Bollywood, “isko dekho”.Even as the slick styling, new-age programming, catchy countdowns and engaging chat shows were making their marks, Bollywood stars instantly took to the channel as the ‘it’ place to be on TV. From breaking news to launching new music, covering fashion events to ‘crashing’ the Page 3 parties, zoOm became the destination for ‘100% Bollywood’ content. The home to all the scoops, gossips, controversies, faux pas and fan clubs…
  • =Homepage : http://zoomtv.indiatimes.com/
  • =Stream : http://live.indiatimes.com/
  • =Country : India
  • =Language : Unknown
  • =Category : Movies TV, My like TV
  • =Link Facebook/twitter/Youtube :
  • = Contact us : Unknown


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