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    Guide US Tv live
    Guide US Tv live

    From: Yusuf Estes, Founder & Director

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    “ISLAM” is submission to the Creator of the universe, in peace. Simple as that. Why all the fuss about ‘Islamic Law’ (shari’ah), ‘oppression’ and ‘terrorism’? Good question.


    Answer – Because Muslim in America have not done the real job of communication – of true Islam – IN PLAIN ENGLISH.

    It is critical at this time to get out the right message of Islam – The message of One God, and His people – those

    People Ask Us – How Did We Get This Far? (Good question)
    Over 1,600 TV channels broadcast in the U.S. and Canada, right now – Millions are watching satellite and cable every day. But until now there has been nothing for representation of the monotheistic faith for millions of the Non-Christian believers in the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, living in America – the Muslims.

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