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    Good Shepherd TV live
    Good Shepherd TV live

    The Holy Synod of St. Athanasius Congregation for Egyptian and Middle Eastern Christians Orthodox ( HSSAC)  is a community of Christians comprising an autonomous  reformed Orthodox Church. Founded in the United State of America. The church holds itself to be fully Christian and fully  Orthodox, maintaining the seven sacraments and apostolic succession . It has established spiritual, educational and social programs designed to feed those who are in need. Its dedication courage and love of service to Christ is through serving His people.


    His Grace, Archbishop Maximus I  is the Presiding Hierarch of the HSSAC, who was consecrated  by the Metropolitans of the Holy Synod of the American Diaspora in America of True Orthodox Christians canonically established through the Old Calendar Greek Tradition.

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    Good Shepherd TV ministry

    Head Quartar:         P.O. Box 345 PA 18052 USA

    Tel : (714) 512-6754

    CAI Branch:    P.O. Box 122 CAI Mokatam Egypt

    Tel : +202 25054592


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