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    Venus TV live
    Venus TV live

    Research and DevelopmentVENUS TV has been committed to conducting ad hoc research since its inception and has a dedicated team in this field. Our research helps us provide the understanding of the values, attitudes, lifestyles, and personal and business needs of all our viewers. As a result, we are constantly evaluating the contents of our programms.


    VENUS TV is committed to delivering quality television programs for the whole family and has a special place for the local UK community with Local programming, public affairs and children’s programms, Venus TV will always bring the best programms from the sub continent in the language that the viewer calls his mother tongue.

    Why VENUS TV?

    • VENUS TV is free to air and is committed to stay free to air and keep it accessible to all viewers who have a sky box.
    • VENUS TV will soon be available on cable as well.
    • VENUS TV will soon be available to viewer in Asia and North America.
    • VENUS TV meets the needs of all the Asian communities of the Indian sub-continent unlike a majority of encrypted channels which cater for a particular audience.
    • VENUS TV has formed a working relationship with TV channels in the sub continent to air there up to date programms simultaneously.
    • VENUS TV a great place to build your brand awareness or direct marketing

    Venus TV live
    Venus TV live
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  • Country : United Kingdom
  • Language : English
  • Category : Other TV
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    Address : Venus TV Global Ltd
    Unit 7, Liberty Centre,
    Mount Pleasant,
    HA0 1TX
    Tel : 0203 1040 340
    Fax 0208 7953 792
    Email :
    Airtime Sales & Programme Sponsorship
    Television Sponsorship : Advertising : Marketing: Promotions, Live Events Coverage,etc
    Tel : 0203 1040 555
    Email :


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