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    Takbeer TV live
    Takbeer TV live

    Takbeer TV is a satellite television channel broadcasting in Urdu, English, Potwari (Pothohari / Potawari), Punjabi and Pushto . It offers educational, news, current affairs, and entertainment programs from an Islamic perspective…With headquarters in Nottingham, Takbeer TV aims to provide programming which is uniquely produced to educate and inform its audience. Since its launch in 2009, Takbeer TV has developed into a platform for ingenious and practical television complementing the definition of good programming. Major programming consists of talk shows, current affairs, business and legal, Islamic programmes, educational programmes specifically targeted for children and youth, programmes for women and even entertainment within the acceptable norms of Islamic values.


    Broadcast in English, Urdu , Potawari, Punjabi and Pushto, Takbeer TV aims for its programming to appeal to both Muslims and non-Muslims. Ultimately conveying Islam in its true form to curious non-Muslims and to further educate Muslims.

    Takbeer TV fresh-contemporary approach to spreading the message of the Quran has resulted in many viewers reverting to Islam, consequently establishing itself as one of the leading, free-to-air, multilingual, Islamic focused satellite channel available on Sky Channel 845 for UK viewers and Eurobird-1 for EU viewers.

  • Homepage : http://takbeertv.com
  • Stream : http://takbeertv.com/livetv/
  • Country : United Kingdom
  • Language : Urdu, English
  • Category : Other TV
  • Link Facebook/twitter/Youtube : http://www.facebook.com/pages/TAKBEER-TV/213465684330
  • Contact us : Unknown


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