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    Revelation TV live
    Revelation TV live

    Christian TV Channel. Howard Conder, Revelation TV’s Founder is the most unlikely TV mogul you will ever find. He didn’t want to start a TV station and tried his hardest not to do so. He even took his family to America and planned to emigrate there and start a new business to move away from the UK. But in America he could not get away from the idea that he had a calling from God to start a new TV channel, to reach out across Europe. However hard he tried, the idea would not leave him. Howard and Lesley began the TV station by forming a private company and remortgaging their home to put their own money into it. They could easily have retained ownership of the Revelation TV station for themselves. Instead they handed it over to the registered charity Revelation Foundation and wrote off their initial investment. Money was not their reason for starting the channel and never has been. Today the channel broadcasts to millions of households in the UK and Europe via SKY, also the USA and worldwide via the Roku Box and the internet, with viewers stretching as far as Australia and New Zealand….

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  • Country : United Kingdom
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    020 8972 1400
    Revelation TV
    PO Box 3814
    Revelation TV Inc.
    1250 Green Pastures Ln.
    NW Calabash
    NC 28467
    Toll-free 1-877-859-2513


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