PRESS TV  live

Press TV is a 24-hour English language news network.

PRESS TV owned by the state-owned media corporation Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting .

PRESS TV  Current programmes:

  • Africa Today – Analytical weekly review of political, economic and social events in Africa, the world’s second largest continent.
  • American Dream – A political round-table offering a “warts-and-all” picture of life in the USA from ghettos to gated communities.
  • Autograph – A 25min weekly interview with academics, authors, politicians and dignitaries encompassing a range of topics from cultural to political issues hosted by Susan Modaress.
  • CinePolitics – A weekly 25-minute show. The show examines current cinematic releases, and explores the underlying political and social issues that shape them.
  • Comment – A live show from London hosted by George Galloway. The format allows a studio audience to ask the presenter questions or argue with him.
  • Iran – A 25-minute weekly show covering topical issues on Iran plus reports and interviews on major cultural events held in the country over the week.
  • Iran Today – A twice-weekly analysis of major political, economic, cultural and social events concerning Iran
  • Islam & Life – A weekly show presented by Tariq Ramadan in London, dealing with the challenges and opportunities facing Muslims, especially in the west
  • Reporters’ File – A weekly reportage-oriented programme, dealing with various Iranian and world stories, from a local correspondent’s perspective. The show was formerly produced & hosted by Joobin Zarvan; it is now produced and presented by Saeed Pourreza


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