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  • Name Channel : PCTV (II)
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  • Description :
    PCTV (II) live
    PCTV (II) live

    Pittsfield Community Television is a community television station, operating Public, Educational, and Governmental Access Television (“PEG Access”) available to cable

    TV viewers on three channels in the Time Warner Cable service area, and serves people who live or work in the City of Pittsfield.


    These three channels each serve our community in a unique way. Our Public Access, “AccessPittsfield” and seen on Channel 16, serves the public directly and allows anyone fr

    om the Pittsfield area access. “Pittsfield ETV,” the Education Access Channel on Channel 17, provides a link to our local schools and educators, giving them a distinct voice to help educate our community. Finally, our Governmental Access Channel “Citylink,” found on Channel 18, provides a vital connection between government and the people, most often through gavel-to-gavel coverage of local city meetings.

  • Homepage :http://online.parkland.edu/PCTVStream/index.cfm
  • Stream :http://online.parkland.edu/PCTVStream/index.cfm
  • Country : United States
  • Language : English
  • Category : General TV
  • Link Facebook/twitter/Youtube : http://www.facebook.com/pittsfieldtv
  • Contact us :Pittsfield Community Television
    4 Federico Drive, Suite 2
    Pittsfield, MA 01201

    Telephone: (413) 445-4234
    Fax: (413)445-4258


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