PBS SoCal World (KOCE 50.4) live



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    PBS SoCal World (KOCE 50.4) live

    PBS SoCal World (KOCE 50.4) live

    PBS SoCaL HD, PBS SoCaL Plus PBS SoCaL World ( KOCE channels 50.1, 50.2 and 50.3 ), and pbssocal.org offer the greater Los Angeles area many ways to …

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  • To The Program Director: Right now you are showing the most disturbing program I’ve ever witnessed on TV..Why you feel you need to show this program is beyond me..Its about the killers of millions of people in Malaysia and why these men could go on t.v. without the fear of they themselves being arrested is beyond me and why these killers were not convicted of their heinous crimes is also beyond and why you chose to show a program in the middle of the afternoon when children are awake is also beyond me..Normally I love what you show but this is so heinous I can’t imagine why you would show it especially when these killers of millions of innocent people were not punished for their crimes.

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