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    NASDAQ live

    Financial view from NASDAQ…What comes to mind when you hear the word “NASDAQ” or see it in print? Do you think of a global electronic marketplace for the buying and selling of stock? Do you think of a number, a market indicator, that tells you how well the stock market performed on a given day? Do you picture our market tower in Times Square, glowing bright and blue? Don’t worry; there is no one answer. NASDAQ is all of these things and more.


    NASDAQ began forty years ago at the National Association of Securities Dealers, or NASD. The NASD wanted to create a way for investors to buy and sell stocks on a computerized, transparent, and fast system. This would eliminate the burden and inefficiency of in-person stock transactions, which had been the prevalent model for nearly a century. The NASD believed that investors could make more money by closing the price gaps between buyers and sellers, and technology had evolved enough at that point to make it happen.

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