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  • Name Channel : Alhurra iraq news channel
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  • Description :Alhurra’s mission is to provide objective, accurate, and relevant news and information to the people of the Middle East about the region, the world, and the United States. Alhurra supports democratic values by expanding the spectrum of ideas, opinions, and perspectives available in the region’s media.
    Alhurra iraq news channel live
    Alhurra iraq news channel live

    Alhurra (Arabic for “The Free One”) is primarily news and information programming. The network hosts a number of discussion programs that examine political and social issues of interest to the audience in the Middle East, airing viewpointsnot often discussed freely in the region. Through correspondents at the State Department, White House, Congress and the Pentagon, Alhurra illuminates U.S. policies and domestic debates on those policies for Middle Eastern audiences. Guests from American think tanks and interviews with U.S. officials provide a comprehensive view of U.S. foreign policy as well as a better understanding of the American people and our system of governance. In 2009, Alhurra launched Al Youm (Arabic for Today), a live three-hour daily news magazine that originates simultaneously from five countries in three continents including Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Jerusalem and Alhurra’s headquarters in Springfield, Va.

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